Dear Colleagues,

Greetings from the "Satellite and Embedded Meetings Committee" for the
upcoming International Congress on Applied and Industrial Mathematics
( happening in Vancouver, Canada (June 18-22,
2011). Like the ICM, this is a large, exciting, and international
congress that happens every four years. 

We are seeking proposals for affiliated meetings (see below for further
detail). Such meetings can be beneficial for all concerned because a
participant can attend more than one meeting for less than double the
travel cost. This results in higher participation levels for both ICIAM
and for the affiliated meetings.

If you have questions, please contact one of us.

Jim Crowley, SIAM,
Abba Gumel, University of Manitoba,
Randy LeVeque, University of Washington,
Mary Pugh, University of Toronto,


A *satellite* meeting is a meeting that takes place within a few weeks
of ICIAM 2011 on a topic of interest to ICIAM attendees in a location
that may make it convenient for ICIAM participants to combine the events
into a single trip.

Satellite meetings have no official connection to ICIAM beyond a cross
listing on the ICIAM 2011 webpages. ICIAM does not provide any financial
or other support for satellite meetings. Satellite meetings are
organized and run by independent organizations or groups. For example,
around the time of the ICIAM 2007 Conference in Zurich, there were more
than two dozen satellite meetings, listed at

An *embedded* meeting is a meeting of some other organization that takes
place during the week of the ICIAM Conference and that may share some
resources with the main ICIAM Conference. For example, during the ICIAM
2007 Conference in Zurich, there were four embedded meetings listed at

For ICIAM 2011, we expect few if any embedded meetings.

As a service to the community, the ICIAM Steering Committee has
appointed a Satellite and Embedded Meetings Committee with the following
goals: to encourage groups to consider organizing satellite meetings; to
consider other meetings and approve listing them on the ICIAM webpages
as satellite meetings of ICIAM; to create and maintain a webpage of
these meetings, as a resource for participants and for those organizing
other meetings; and to consider any requests for embedded meetings.

If you are organizing or considering organizing a meeting that would
qualify as a satellite meeting, please contact Mary Pugh
( as soon as possible with the following

Name of meeting
Estimated number of participants
Conference webpage (if available)
Other relevant information, such as scope or content of meeting,
organizing society or affiliate, etc

Feel free to contact us with tentative information for meetings that are
not fully planned. This information may be useful to others planning
related meetings.

If you're interested in organizing an embedded meeting, please contact
Randy LeVeque (